Workers Who Are Risking Their Lives for Working in Asbestos Exposure

Apr 17, 2019

Asbestos exposure is one of the most common occurrences in an industrial setting in QLD and VIC. There are many commercial areas running the risk of working daily in asbestos exposure. Asbestos fibres have long been in use as building construction material in Australia. This is why asbestos exposure is frequent in many areas.

Take a look at the list of workers who daily risk their life for working in asbestos exposure.

Construction workers:

Since asbestos was the most common material used in building construction in late 1980, workers working in the old commercial construction are highly likely to incur respiratory diseases for asbestos exposure.

Insulation installer:

Asbestos is a great fire-resistant material mostly found in insulation. In older homes and commercial areas, asbestos can be found in hot water pipe insulation and floor tiles. Insulation installers are highly likely to get exposed to high level of asbestos.

Drywall contractors:

Being a very flexible and durable material, asbestos was also used in constructional adhesives as well as in drywall. Hence, drywall contractors need to be aptly dressed to prevent direct contact of asbestos contaminated materials.

Teachers/ students from old school:

This may sound an odd profession to be the subject of asbestos threat, but it is a fact. Teachers/students and professionals alike who spend half of their day in old construction (building constructed between the year 1940-1980 are highly likely to have asbestos) are risking their life to get exposed to high level of asbestos.


Asbestos was also largely used in the construction of ships. Hence, shipbuilders are also not exempted from the danger of this material.

Auto mechanics:

It’s widely known that asbestos are still hugely found in automotive parts such as gasket, clutches and brake linings. And mechanics are daily exposed to asbestos.


Fire-fighters’ suits are known to be made of asbestos because of its great fire resisting feature. This means, they are in constant close contact of asbestos during their work hours.

The Final Take:

Asbestos can be at places you wouldn’t expect. In case of your commercial area, it’s your responsibility to ensure the environment is safe for your workers. If you want to create a safe environment, feel free to call our experts for commercial asbestos removal in QLD & VIC at- 0412 306 338 (VIC)/0412 314 588 (QLD).