Why live with Asbestos? Hire Professional Asbestos Removal Service in VIC & QLD

Apr 24, 2019

The use of asbestos is slowly coming to an end since the awareness rocked in the late 2000. Now it’s known to all that asbestos can pose serious life-threatening diseases such as asbestosis, mesothelioma and so on. As a result of extensive use of asbestos in building construction in early days, we find it in most homes and commercial areas in both Victoria and Queensland during our call to the site.

Buildings built between 1980 to 1990 need special consideration before renovation. Removing harmful substance from the site is important to prevent the site from asbestos contamination.

Over the years, we have been removing asbestos from commercial and residential areas. So we know that a building may seem just perfect for you, but many harmful substances may be lurking inside.  Asbestos removal has become necessary perquisite.  This is more important when you see asbestos containing material is getting damaged due to regular wear and tear and flaking.

Different types of asbestos can be found in a building, where one type is friable which has loose free-floating particles that cause respiratory issues when inhaled for longer period of time. And another one is non-friable asbestos which comes strongly bonded with other materials.

If not disturbed, non-friable asbestos is not usually harmful. However, it’s always necessary to get a professional check to be sure of the safety for keeping non-friable materials in your building. Regular wear and tear makes it friable and dangerous. Timely inspection and removal can save you from potential future risks and money for intricate removal process.

The last word:

When you can make your building free from asbestos, whey live with it? Live in a house or work in an environment where there is no existence of harmful asbestos. Breathe free and safe for a healthy life.

Need help?

Are you looking for asbestos removal service both in Victoria and Queensland? We can help you with complete site assessment, asbestos removal, decontamination and more. We also offer prompt and reliable commercial asbestos removal service. Our professional removalists are completely equipped with right techniques and tools to ensure complete eradication of asbestos without releasing harmful particles into the environment.

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