The Residential Asbestos Removal Process

Apr 19, 2022

Microscopic in nature, asbestos fibers are durable and highly resistant to fire and other types of damage. Due to these reasons, asbestos was greatly used in residential and commercial properties for decades. But it is also a well-known fact that asbestos poses several health-related risks. Research has also proven that it causes mesothelioma, a rare-occurring deadly disease affecting the thin lining of the stomach, heart, and lungs. This is one of the many reasons to consider residential and commercial asbestos abatement. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to get in touch with professional asbestos removal services to remove these asbestos fibers from homes and businesses. 

From the 1940s to the 1970s asbestos was used during the construction of residential and commercial premises. Asbestos was used in blown-in attic insulation, but there are many potential sources of asbestos in older residential premises and even the ones that have been updated since the seventies. Asbestos removal services are required to be conducted by licensed professionals as asbestos causes serious health risks.  

Some of the residential asbestos includes the followings

  1. Vinyl floor tiles
  2. Some forms of linoleum
  3. The glue that was used on the wooden flooring
  4. Duct insulation used in HAVAC systems
  5. Plaster
  6. Siding and Roofing material
  7. Window caulking and glazing

In 1977, the use of asbestos was banned in many countries. Even if your ceiling has been renovated or painted many times since then you may have ceilings in your home or business that have some form of asbestos and therefore residential asbestos removal experts should be contacted for a professional solution for your homes. This can happen if your older ceiling is simply covered up by the new ceiling. It doesn’t mean that if you cannot see the old ceiling that has asbestos, it doesn’t mean that fibers and harmful material aren’t still making their way in your ductwork, and into the air breathed by anyone in your residential or commercial premises.

Health risks associated with asbestos

A simple presence of asbestos present in your home can be less hazardous and can be abated easily by asbestos removal services. Asbestos fibers which still exist in incorrect form and in proper condition, it won’t release any harmful particles or fibers into the air. In some cases disturbing the asbestos can cause serious health risks. It is the job of an expert to deal with asbestos, therefore asbestos removal services should be considered for removing asbestos from homes and businesses. If the asbestos that is present is damaged or worn out then it is the perfect time to consult asbestos removal services. In addition, to mesothelioma there are potential health risks associated to exposure to asbestos fibers including – 

  1. Scarring in the lungs
  2. Non- cancerous lung-condition like pleural disease
  3. Lung cancer
  4. Reduced immune system-functioning
  5. Respiratory ailments

The first step in any asbestos- related project is to determine, if there is actual asbestos present in your residential or commercial premises or not. If you think your home or work space contains asbestos then get in touch with the professional asbestos removal services