The Most Asked Questions About Asbestos Removal Company

Jun 14, 2022

Asbestos removal projects must be performed in strict compliance with environmental and work and health safety legislative requirements. Professional asbestos abatement specialist with considerable experience in the preparation of specifications for asbestos abatement projects and the management of these abatement programs. Asbestos materials contain a high percentage of asbestos fibers that can crumble into powder if pressure is applied. This form of asbestos can easily become airborne, making it extremely dangerous to remove without proper protection. 

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Asbestos Are –

The presence of asbestos present may make you feel anxious to safeguard your family from the harmful effects of asbestos. One proven way to protect your family is to get rid of all the asbestos from your home. To do this you will need the help of a professional asbestos company to completely secure your home. But before performing the asbestos removal you may have some questions regarding it. Is there is a way to detect the presence of asbestos on your property before the arrival of an expert? And how much money it will cost you to remove asbestos from your property? Well, this isn’t the very first time the question has popped up. In fact, it is often asked by homeowners who are concerned about the presence of asbestos

What are the steps for asbestos removal?

Conducting an assessment or survey is the first step to detecting the presence of asbestos. You should be cautioned about it as you should not disturb or damage the asbestos material. If the asbestos fiber is not damaged, it does not pose any serious threat as the fibers are still intact.  In such a case, you may opt for encapsulation, where the asbestos-containing materials are sealed with an adhesive sealant, foam blankets, and other protective coatings. Once, you get in touch with a professional asbestos removal company, they will conduct an inspection of your property and collect the samples for the laboratory analysis and expect the results within 48 to 72 hours. 

Asbestos Removal

Licensed asbestos removal experts will wear personal protective equipment before performing the task of asbestos removal. Plastic sheeting is used to isolate the contaminated areas. A high-efficiency particulate air- filter will also be started up to deal with any air-borne fibers. Amended water may be sprayed over asbestos-containing materials to keep additional fibers from becoming airborne. The main asbestos removal takes place, when the workers place the asbestos materials in two layers of plastic bags at least 0.2mm thick. 

Post-removal inspection-

It is advisable to conduct a post-removal inspection to ensure that your property is cleared and free from asbestos. This involves asbestos fiber air monitoring. Once, an expert or consultant issues final clearance, your home is officially asbestos-free and safe for re-occupancy. 

Can you remove asbestos by yourself? 

There are no specific laws and regulations stating where you cannot remove asbestos by yourself using the DIY methods. But it is considered very dangerous to remove asbestos by you. Exposing yourself to asbestos already puts you at high risk of inhaling airborne fibers. You can protect yourself if you are using a respiratory mask, disposal clothes, and the correct air sampling equipment. However, you won’t have these on hand to perform asbestos removal unless you are a class A or class B licensed officer. 

Asbestos removal from any location is not a DIY project, and should never be performed without the guidance of a professional expert. But hiring an incompetent professional will land you in a more dangerous situation. Hence, try to avoid mistakes while hiring a professional for asbestos removal