Myers Asbestos Removal: Let’s Combat the COVID19 Crisis Together

Apr 21, 2020

Myers Asbestos Removals is experiencing Corona Virus Crisis along with everyone in this world. This is indeed the most uncertain and most dreaded phase in the century. As it is now rapidly spreading and so the death rate, we are constantly evolving our mode of operations as directed by the Australian Government and the Department of Health to ensure safety and sustainability.

As a responsible asbestos inspection and testing service provider in Victoria, we put safety first. Our business supports hundreds of families, this means we’re liable to our customers regarding the health risks caused by asbestos contamination. And we are ready to provide with the information we have regarding how to fight this crisis together.

Like always we would like to brief a few safety measurements to our readers and customers to prevent this deadly contagious virus as well as asbestos related diseases.

  • It begins with a self-sanitization process that must include cleaning your hands and exposed areas with alcohol-based cleaning solutions and sanitizers. You must clean your hands in every 30 minutes. This will kill the germs and bacteria that may be on your hands and open areas.
  • You should not touch your mouth and eyes. Maintain good respiratory hygiene which means wearing a mask when going outside and covering mouth while sneezing and coughing.
  • Maintain social distancing. You must keep a distance of about 3 feet between yourself and another person.
  • Keep your surroundings clean. When you have all sanitized yourself, it’s time to do the same to your surroundings. If your home is built before the early 90’s, there’s highly likely to have asbestos contamination in your property. Daily exposure to asbestos poses a risk to your respiratory system. So, keeping your property free of asbestos is a MUST.
  • If you find non-friable broken asbestos in your property, do not try to dispose of them yourself. Always hire professional asbestos disposal service in Victoria who is well-equipped to remove asbestos and dispose of them to safe places.

We are expertise at asbestos removal service that we’re offering across Victoria and major surroundings. We are hopeful to overcome this pandemic condition very soon. To know more about asbestos removal service, please call us at-  (QLD)- 412 314 588 and (VIC)- 0412 306 338.