Is asbestos removal covered by home insurance?

Nov 10, 2021

Asbestos is a natural occurring fibrous mineral known for its extreme durability and resistance to fire. Asbestos is used for both commercial and industrial building materials as it has the power to insulate well. Earlier in 1970, asbestos was discovered to be a carcinogen, causing the life taking diseases like cancer, like mesothelioma and other dangerous breathing troubles when inhaled the particles of the asbestos. The Environmental Protection Agency enacted with strict rules and regulations for the using asbestos. The rules and regulations gradually reduced the use of the materials.

Asbestos are basically used in building materials as it has high resistance against fire, water and electricity. It is also good for absorbing sound and is an inexpensive material. There are three types of asbestos available which are used in building construction are:

Brown asbestos which is known as amosite. This brown asbestos was long banned in 1985.

Blue asbestos also known as crocidolite. This blue asbestos was also banned in 1985.

White asbestos also known as chrysotile. This white asbestos was banned in 1999.


Domestic building which was built or refurbished before the year 2000 has high possibility to contain asbestos, as the use of asbestos was banned in UK in 1999, therefore any domestic houses build after that has less possibility of containing asbestos. It is a difficult task to identify the potential asbestos just by looking at the material, if you suspect any material at your home contains asbestos then asbestos disposal services should be immediately informed. Materials should be inspected from time to time if you suspect the presence of asbestos. If you suspect that your house is containing any asbestos material then it is advisable not to repair or remove it personally a licensed asbestos removalist should be contacted for asbestos removal.

Is asbestos removal covered by home insurance?

Maximum insurance companies are unlikely to cover asbestos removal, unless it is absolutely necessary as a part of a valid claim. The homeowners have to pay for it. As a result of a valid claim, some insurer may consider covering the cost of asbestos removal only if the asbestos is damaged as a result of a valid claim, as it poses serious and life risk threats. However, it varies from companies to companies offering policies. If a claim is made involving potential asbestos damage then a licensed asbestos removalist is appointed to check and test the damaged area and authorized where required the removal of any damaged and disturbed asbestos. This could even seal the affected area, or even in some cases arranging alternative accommodation for the occupants until the asbestos removal services cleaned the area. Almost all insurance companies do not cover the cost for the removal of the asbestos until and unless it is damaged. The main reason the insurance policy does not cover asbestos because it can be expensive as it requires lot of specialized equipment and proper training. It is very dangerous if someone inhales asbestos, so it is advisable to sealed away asbestos inside the walls, which will slightly pose less health hazards.

Is asbestos removal covered by home insurance?

There is certain situation where the home owner insurance policy can help to pay for the cost for asbestos removal only if the home experiences damage from a covered peril. The policy may pay for the entire cost to repair the damage, including the cost of safely removing and cleaning the asbestos materials. Asbestos is not dangerous unless and until it is disturbed or damaged. It is worth getting a quote for the asbestos removal from a licensed asbestos removalist who can dispose it properly.