How To Remove and Dispose of Asbestos from Your Home

Sep 8, 2021

There is a high chance for homes to contain asbestos that were built prior to 1980. The reason behind this is quite simple. The building materials that were used back then, used to contain asbestos as an ingredient. The fire and electricity-resistant capabilities of asbestos were the most compelling reasons for manufacturers to keep it as an ingredient.

This is why you will definitely find asbestos in the ceilings, wall boards, as well as in the vinyl floors of your house, although it does not pose any threat to homeowners if the ceilings, floors, or walls are not damaged or disturbed in any way. But, if there is damage in your house, then it will release the tiny asbestos fibres in the air causing a health hazard for the entire house.

Things To Do When You Think Your House Contains Asbestos

No matter why you think that your house contains asbestos, if you have a doubt then it is best to get it checked by a professional asbestos removal expert or surveyor. Although we highly discourage any kind of DIY actions here. Homeowners should never try to test for asbestos all by themselves as they might end up releasing the asbestos fibres in the air while trying to get samples for testing purposes.

Although if you opt-out of testing your house for asbestos, you should always treat those areas of your building as if they contain asbestos and treat it all sorts of safety precautions. But, the complete removal of asbestos containing areas of your building is always the best option.

Asbestos Removal and Asbestos Disposal

No sensible person would suggest you to take care of the asbestos removal and asbestos disposal activities all by yourself. It takes years of practice, expertise and knowledge to perform asbestos removal and asbestos disposal. And that is why even we do not recommend performing it by homeowners. Asbestos is a very hazardous material and just a few asbestos fibres can eventually lead to deadly diseases like mesothelioma or lung cancer.

And, unfortunately, there is no cure for mesothelioma. So, it is better to stay away from asbestos if you do not have proper experience in handling it all by yourself.

Precautions to Take

Yet if you start with asbestos abatement all by yourself then start with taking these precautions.

  • Avoid drilling, sanding, or using saw on the materials that contain or potentially contain asbestos. It is best to not use any sorts of power tools on such materials that you doubt of containing asbestos in them.
  • Ask or get in touch with an asbestos abatement specialist if you consider of the removal of asbestos containing building materials or if you have a plan of renovating your house.
  • Avoid removing or handling asbestos insulation, asbestos spray coatings or insulation boards, with bare hands. Such a task should only be done under the supervision of an expert and by an asbestos removal
  • After the removal process gets completed, do not leave the spare asbestos just anywhere, like trash cans or anywhere else near human intervention. Always rely on professional help from asbestos disposal experts and dispose them of at a distant place.

Asbestos Removal on Your Own

A good lot of countries do not permit the removal of asbestos by homeowners. Also, there are certain countries that permit the removal of asbestos from the interiors of the house by homeowners themselves, but not the exteriors. But no matter the permissions granted, you should never perform such activity on your own and should always rely on or seek help from professionals.