How to Protect Yourself from Asbestos?

Jul 22, 2021

Every year, approximately 5,000 workers are losing their lives due to asbestos. And, this high number is the reason why asbestos has become the key ingredient of the highest number of deaths in the entire Australia.

Yes, it might not look that harmful, but it is. If you keep on inhaling asbestos fibres for long, then you can end up with diseases like mesothelioma, lung cancer, asbestosis, etc. So, it is quite clear that to make sure that your employees are safe, you need to keep up with the protective benchmarks of a professional asbestos removal & disposal service provider.

Things You Need To Keep In Mind


Wear A Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment can be the most useful thing when you want to keep away from the harmful asbestos fibres. Just a dust mask or a respirator can do that for you. Although, a Face Fit Testing Kit is the best when it is about getting complete protection as it helps in fitting the respirator perfectly on your face. Also, a disposable coverall kit can be quite effective to prevent asbestos fibres from sticking to your clothes.

Stay Away From It and Warn Others

Wash Your Hands And Clothes

The asbestos fibres are extremely minute and might even make it through perfectly knitted protective gears. Yes, even if you are wearing protective gear while at work, asbestos might still be present on your hair and your clothes. So, it is best to wash your hands, hair and clothes, once you are done working with this harmful substance. This will make sure that there are no asbestos fibres on you. Also, keep away from wearing the same PPE kit again after a hard day of work as it might be covered with asbestos fibres.

wash hands

Plan Beforehand

You need to thoroughly check your work site for the risks so that you can save yourself and your workers from any kind of injuries or casualties. So, whenever you are about to step into a building for work purposes, you should take proper precautions if it was built before 2000 as prior to that time asbestos was used in Australia for fireproofing and insulation in buildings. Remain cautious from the beginning and if you successfully track asbestos on the site, make sure to follow necessary protocols.

Smartwork Is Important

You need to be quite alert while working with asbestos. And, this can help you in protecting yourself from asbestos-related dangers. For instance, consuming your meal or drinking any beverages while working, even if they are in containers. Keep your meal far away from the place where you are carrying out your work. And, have it in a clean and asbestos-free environment. Also, wash your hands before eating.


Train Your Workers

Another most important thing is that you cannot send untrained people to perform residential or commercial asbestos removal services. Yes, people working with such a dangerous substance should always be trained thoroughly so that they can perform their job safely and perfectly. So, once you have trained your employees well enough, they can handle any asbestos-related situation with no flaws.

Seek Help From A Professional

So, these are the things that you need to keep in mind to keep yourself safe from the ill effects of asbestos. These precautions are a must to perform both commercial and residential asbestos removal services and execute them with perfection.