How Much Does Asbestos Removal Cost?

Apr 8, 2022

Asbestos removal is a problem when thinking of remodeling an older home, as asbestos removal cost is very high. The carcinogen material was intentionally prohibited in 1979, but stockpiled materials were still used in homes throughout the 1980s. It causes great health hazards; asbestos removal is highly regulated and is problematic. This asbestos removal service comes at a cost.  

The home owners or property owners spend approximately $1120 and $2910 for asbestos removal services. But if you plan for the whole house, remediation can cost more than $30000. Asbestos removal costs vary from one company to another. Asbestos removal cost can be expensive therefore there is an alternative option which is cheaper like encapsulation, which seals off the particles, so that they cannot be airborne. The nature of asbestos, location, and square feet of your house determine the cost of the project, but the only way to know the actual cost of the project is to hire a professional asbestos removal services for the approximate asbestos removal cost. 

How much does asbestos removal cost per square foot?

Homes and properties constructed in the 1960s or even before are more likely to contain asbestos, but you rarely expect this in homes built in the 1980s. Asbestos removal costs are expected to change every year. For instance, a popcorn ceiling used before 1990 is expected to contain asbestos. If a tiny amount of asbestos can pose serious health issues like cancer, it is advisable for a remediation. The cost of remediation projects can cost you around $5 to $20 per square foot, but it also depends upon the location you are residing in. if the asbestos containing material in your home is undamaged, just leave it undisturbed. However, if you are planning for a remodeling, that can disturb the asbestos materials, and then removing it is the ideal option. 

What are the basics of asbestos removal?

Asbestos removal is the two- step process. Firstly test the materials to ensure that it contains asbestos. If it is found then consult an asbestos removal services for removing it. Here are some facts what you need to know are –

  1. Search for accredited asbestos inspectors and contractors who are licensed and can perform the asbestos testing and removal with ease. 
  2. In some cases you along with your family need to relocate during the ongoing asbestos removal services.

Asbestos removal in HVAC Unit 

Removing asbestos in HVAC differs greatly. Asbestos removal cost can be around $800 to $2500 in total. It is more affordable to replace the unit instead of remediation, therefore it is necessary to get a quote from the professional asbestos removal service to get the asbestos removed from your home or property. 

How much does asbestos removal cost you?

Asbestos removal is regulated by the state and the local government, so the cost varies from one country to another. It will cost more if there are too many regulations and higher cost of living. Asbestos removal cost varies from one professional expert to another; therefore, choose the best asbestos removal services for your home.