How Covid-19 Is Affecting Asbestos Removal

Jul 14, 2022

There is no doubt about the fact that the pandemic of COVID-19 has taken a huge toll on everyone all over the globe. Be it a business or an individual, this pandemic has affected us all. So, undoubtedly, it has made extremely essential tasks, even tougher to execute. And, one such kind of job is nothing but asbestos removal. 

Asbestos removal in itself is a tricky job to execute perfectly. This difficulty in the job of accomplishing an asbestos-free house is accepted globally and that is why it should always be performed and executed by experts. 

But, this task becomes even trickier after this pandemic of COVID-19. So, let’s understand how tough asbestos removal has become amidst this global pandemic. 


Asbestos removal is already challenging

Asbestos removal is a pretty challenging task. The danger in this job increases manifolds when the asbestos gets disturbed or damaged. And, the reason behind this is that when asbestos or material that contains asbestos gets damaged, the asbestos fibres start getting released into the atmosphere and at this state they can be easily breathed in, causing long-term damage to our lungs. 

asbestos removal

This is why performing asbestos removal service requires utmost care and should always be executed by certified and experienced professionals who belong from licensed asbestos removal companies that have the best understanding of this material. 

COVID-19 brings a number of difficulties

Everyone is aware of the fact that this global pandemic has made work a lot tougher and that implies asbestos removal service as well. Luckily, reliable licensed asbestos removal companies like Myers Asbestos Removal train their asbestos removal professionals in such a way that they can easily manage as well as mitigate all sorts of health hazards as they know how to use PPE or personal protective equipment properly. 

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 But, the main problem is that performing asbestos removal service requires a teamwork where professionals work together. And, it is definitely not possible to maintain social distance. 

Proximity to others

It is important for workers to maintain social distance even in their workplace. But, asbestos professionals are required to work in confined places with less ventilation and that is bound to violate the rules set by the government for this pandemic situation.


The importance of hygiene

There are numerous risks that encompass the job of providing asbestos removal service itself. But, the global pandemic of COVID-19 sets the bar a bit too high. So if the professionals do not take necessary precautions regarding hygiene, then you might find the workplace safe from an asbestos removal perspective but not from a hygiene perspective.  


Professionals should share their PPE kits even if they are working with asbestos disposal services. They should also wash their Personal Protective Equipment before putting them on again. Washing and sanitising hands is also another practice that workers performing asbestos removal service should keep in mind. 

Do you need asbestos removal? 

First of all, you need to understand the fact that just because asbestos is present in your property, it does not mean that you need to remove it. Whenever people find asbestos in their place they start panicking and think that asbestos removal is their only option.

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But, this is not the case. The first thing that you need to do is give a call to any of the best  licensed asbestos removal companies like Myers Asbestos Removal, and get your place inspected. Now if they tell you that you really are at risk and you should make use of the asbestos removal service and asbestos disposal services, only then you should step ahead.