Frequently Asked Question

  What does asbestos look like?

Below are some examples of asbestos that you may find in your work space or home.


  What should I do if I find asbestos in my home?

If you think there’s asbestos in your home, you should not attempt the removal on your own. Call us immediately. For a professional asbestos removal service in Victoria and Queensland, Myers Asbestos Removal is a trusted name.

  Where should I dispose the asbestos?

Asbestos disposal is a crucial part of the process. Since asbestos contains highly dangerous airborne fibres, the disposal should be carried out with high care. We are licensed removalists with years of experience. Once the site is cleared, we take the asbestos to the government designated disposal ground carefully to dump the hazmats. We serve all across Victoria and Queensland with 100% accuracy and promptness.

  How to identify asbestos at my property?

Consider the major construction components of your building. If it is constructed with cement sheet, it is likely to have asbestos in it. If you’re in any sort of doubt, the best option is to call us. We serve all across Victoria and Queensland on everyday basis, so chances that we will arrive at your place sooner than you think.

  I think I have asbestos in my commercial property. Can you help?

We have been providing safe asbestos removal service for more than 30 years now. We have qualified asbestos removalists working for both commercial and residential areas across Victoria and Queensland. So if you see asbestos contaminated in your work space, don’t wait. Call us directly at- 0412 306 338 / 0412 314 588.

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