Asbestos Myths And Facts

Aug 5, 2021

The health hazards and risks that asbestos poses to us, is known to every individual out there. But, it is not necessary that whatever knowledge is spread among the public needs to be true. And, this is why there are a good lot of myths present in the minds of the common man regarding the same. To solve this we have come up with certain myths and truths, to spread proper information and to make the common man aware regarding the same. 


Myths and Facts Related To Asbestos

Statement: Inhaling just a single or two asbestos fibres will cause you asbestos-related diseases. 

This is a myth.

FACT: For your information, there is already a very negligible amount of asbestos present in the environment. And, this minimal amount of asbestos poses zero to very low levels of risk to your health. Health risks caused by asbestos depend on the amount of asbestos that the person has been exposed to and the duration of exposure. 


Statement: Asbestos fibres are not visible to the regular human eye. 

This is true.

FACT: Inhalable asbestos fibres are very minute. Asbestos fibres present in the air are easily visible and you will not be able to see them without a microscope. 


Statement: The usage of asbestos has been banned forever. 

This is a myth.

FACT: The usage of asbestos is still a regular phenomenon in a good lot of countries out there. And, for your information, asbestos is still in use in many products in Australia, even though they are marked as asbestos free. In recent times, asbestos has been found in several household products such as brake linings, gaskets, bathroom panels of prefabricated buildings, and several other construction materials. 


Statement: You will be able to feel the adverse effects of asbestos exposure, immediately. 

This is a myth.

FACT: The adverse effects of asbestos exposure do not show up immediately. They have a very long latency period and this is why they take a long time to develop. Also, not all people who are exposed to asbestos develop asbestos-related diseases. 


Statement: White asbestos is less harmful than brown or blue asbestos. 

This is true.

FACT: There is a common conception that chrysolite or white asbestos is considered as less harmful than blue or brown asbestos (also known as amphiboles). And, this is even more believed when it is about mesothelioma. Although this is not true. White asbestos or chrysotile is also carcinogenic and hazardous to cause several types of asbestos-related diseases and should be treated with equal importance.  


Statement: Asbestos has been removed and disposed of in every building in the entire Australia. 

This is a myth.

FACT: According to the government, asbestos is still present in the pre-existing materials of currently existing buildings in the entire Australia. And, this is very true for buildings that were constructed before 1985.


Statement: Goods and materials that are marked as asbestos-free, literally mean that they do not contain any quantity of asbestos. 

This is a myth.

FACT: There are a good lot of countries that mark their products, goods and materials as asbestos-free if they do not contain more than a certain amount of asbestos. And, it is a widely proven fact that such certifications are provided to importers for several goods manufactured overseas are untrue. However, in Australia, any product that contains more than zero percent asbestos is banned (unless in-situ prior to the 2003 asbestos ban).


Statement: If your building inspection results mention that there is no asbestos present in your building, that means there is literally no asbestos present there. 

This is a myth.

FACT: It is not necessary that these reports are determined to be true. There are chances that building inspections might not be dealing with asbestos. So, to get proper proof of the same, you need to conduct an asbestos survey in your building by a professional asbestos removal & disposal service provider. There is a general theory that, if your property was constructed:


Prior to the mid-1980’s – there is a high chance that asbestos will not be present in its construction materials. 

From the mid-1980’s and 1990’s – There is a high chance that your building contains a certain amount of asbestos. 

after 1990 – There is a very low chance that your building was constructed with materials that contain asbestos. 


Statement: A well-maintained asbestos cement sheeting will have a very low chance of risking or affecting your health conditions. 

This is true

FACT: Any undamaged asbestos-containing building material does not pose any threat to your health. Asbestos fibres do not release until there is any damage present in the part of your building that has a chance of containing asbestos. 


So, if the asbestos removal & disposal service provider finds any traces then you have to hire a reliable and professional residential asbestos removal service provider for your residential property and a commercial asbestos removal service provider for your commercial building to get it relieved from asbestos.