residential asbestos services in VIC & QLD


If you’re living in a house that was built in between early 1940 and the late 1980s in Victoria or Queensland, you are risking yourself of possible asbestos inhalation. You need to call experts for residential asbestos removal service in Victoria and Queensland to get rid of dangerous asbestos contaminated materials you’ve been living with.

Now, it’s a widely known fact that asbestos exposure can cause life-threatening diseases such as Asbestosis, Mesothelioma and also increase other inflammatory respiratory conditions. This is why in the states like Victoria and Queensland all asbestos related work must be done by the licensed professionals. As reliable asbestos removal specialists, we can remove such dangerous materials from your property.

Hire Effective Residential Asbestos Removal Service in Victoria and Queensland

At Myers Asbestos Removal, your safety is the most important concern to us. We work effectively to ensure your home is free from dangerous asbestos fibres and particles. We have been offering asbestos removal service in Queensland and Victoria for more than 30 years now.

Our removalists are licensed and work in compliance with governmental rules and restrictions so when you choose us, you know you’re working with the reliable professionals in Victoria and Queensland.

We’re just a call away. Since we work regularly in and around Victoria and Queensland, we can reach you sooner than you think.

Our removal process begins with an initial inspection to understand the level of contamination the site has. Our team can give a rough estimation after the assessment is done. We use an environmentally-friendly process to safely remove asbestos and sanitize the area after the removal.

We may suggest you for floor grinding, sheet removal or vinyl floor removal depending on the consistency of asbestos the place has.

Need help?

If you need help with asbestos removal, get the Myers on the job today for a safe asbestos removal service. We’re also specialized in commercial asbestos removal service in Queensland and Victoria. Feel free to call us at- 0412 306 338 / 0412 314 588.

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