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Concrete Floor Grinding & Polishing Service in Melbourne, Victoria

If your commercial or residential property was built between 1940 and 1980 then it’s highly likely to have asbestos in its flooring adhesive. Myers Asbestos is a professional asbestos removal company serving across QLD and VIC on regular basis. This means they can arrive at your place sooner than you may think.

Being a licensed asbestos removalist, our floor grinding experts use stat-of-the-art equipment to ensure safe and effective asbestos removal from your floor. If you think there is asbestos on the floor, call Myers asbestos removalists. They will carry out thorough inspection before floor grinding service.

Floor Grinding Service in Melbourne, Victoria: Add More Life to Your Floor

Buildings built in the heyday of asbestos are mostly found with a large amount of asbestos containing in its construction.  We specialize in complete asbestos removal from old flooring adhesive. Myers uses advance floor grinding equipment that can remove every trace of asbestos commonly used in the early construction materials.

How We Work?

If you’re wondering how those old and stubborn asbestos contaminated adhesive can be removed, then it’s easy for us. Our advance floor grinding tools and equipment slowly breaks down the adhesive to remove the asbestos from it. This process makes the asbestos friable which can easily release into air. This is why we use encapsulation equipment along with the floor grinding machine to ensure no asbestos fibres release into the air during the process.

Once our removalists finishes floor grinding you can be rest assured that your building is safe and ready to resume your daily work. Our floor grinding and asbestos removal service are designed to make your environment free from dangerous materials. We provide floor grinding asbestos removal service all across Melbourne, Victoria. If you want to remove asbestos from your building, get in touch with us at- 0412 306 338 (QLD) / 0412 314 588 (VIC).

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