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Need removal of asbestos? For over years, we have been offering asbestos removal and disposal service across Victoria and Queensland. Whether you need the removal in your residential area or in your large commercial space, our experienced removalists can take care of it all.

Why do People Need Removal Service in Queensland and Victoria?

As you know, asbestos is an amalgamation of naturally occurring minerals containing microscopic fibres. Once the fibres go inside the body, they don’t dissolve easily and create extreme difficulty in breathing that slowly resulting in cancer, genetic damage and inflammation. The longer you’re exposed to asbestos, the higher the risk of developing life-threatening diseases.

This is why it is important to remove asbestos from your commercial and residential areas. With Myers Asbestos Removal, you will get your job done on time in 100% safe environment.

We work all over Queensland and Victoria on regular basis, so when you need us, we can arrive sooner than you think.

How we do it?

We follow certain procedures to handle asbestos disposal in Victoria and Queensland and comply with the Government guidelines to ensure safety in the process. Here’s a brief description of how we do the disposal:

  • We begin with thorough inspection and testing to identify harmful asbestos and contaminated materials.
  • Our experts will collect the asbestos and pack them carefully. We will also vacuum the area to make sure there’s no remaining of loose fibres.
  • We carefully load the packed materials to our truck and take them to dispose them to authorized asbestos disposal site in Victoria and Queensland.

We’ve years of experience in this business so we know how to carefully dispose the materials without causing any harm.

Certified Asbestos Disposal:

All removalists at Myers Removal Service are certified and fully licensed. As a professional, we comply with Australians rules and regulations related to asbestos disposal. We conduct the removal service in the most safest and professional manner.

We have the complete understanding about asbestos testing, inspection, removal, disposal and potential dangers. We would be happy to answer any queries you may have related to our service.

Call us at 0412 306 338 / 0412 314 588 to get the disposal service at Queensland and Victoria, we would be happy to assist you.

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