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Inspection & testing services in QLD & VIC


Do you think your asbestos have turned old enough? Would you like to go for the material tested? Myers Asbestos Removal can help. We are a fully licensed asbestos removal service company catering to Melbourne, Victoria, and surrounding suburbs.

Currently, site testing has been put to an end. For the testing, all samples are collected and tested at NATA accredited labs. As a reliable asbestos removal agency, we thoroughly inspect the site and identify harmful asbestos which needs to be removed. We create reports based on the amount of asbestos-containing in your site.

Asbestos Inspection and Testing in Melbourne, Victoria:

With the ever-growing renovation rate has increase all across Melbourne, Victoria, asbestos removal has become an imperative part of the process. Asbestos has been in use in Australia for as long as 1980. This means that some of the materials are too old and damaged enough to be exposed to. At Myers Asbestos Removal Services, we take pride in conducting asbestos inspection and testing service followed by safe disposal and decontamination.

Our Asbestos Testing Procedure in Melbourne, Victoria

Asbestos cannot be identified by simply looking at it. There are certain procedures we follow-

  • Site inspection
  • Sample testing
  • Laboratory tests
  • Full detailed report creation

Our inspection work also includes air quality testing to ensure the contamination of harmful fibers present in the environment.

If you’re worried about asbestos in your home or work-place, please feel free to contact us at- 0412 306 338 / 0412 314 588.

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