Air Scrubber

Air scrubber

Air Scrubber for Pure Air and Complete Asbestos Removal QLD & VIC

While there is very less thing you can do to make changes in the environment, you have a lot of opportunities to improve the air quality that you breathe. Myers Asbestos Removal offers air scrubber service that improves air quality of your workspace and home. We have established a reputation of providing prompt asbestos removal service all across Queensland & Victoria.

Air Purification and Asbestos Removal Service

Indoor air pollution has always been a serious concern. If you’re thinking sitting inside the comfort of your home is safer than staying outside because the air inside is not polluted, then you might not know that indoor environments can be as impure as the outside. If your building was built before 1980 then it could pose more threat to your health as it’s more likely to have asbestos contained building materials. Asbestos is one of the major environmental dangers considered.

How We Work?

Myers uses advance highly efficient and robust air cleaner with the ability to clean the air even in large rooms. The equipment can build up high pressure across its entire flow range, which provides effective air cleaning for the large rooms and walkways. The equipment can capture small particles including asbestos dust.

If you want to work or live with your family in a much safer environment, our air scrubbing service is the right choice for you. Whether you’re looking for commercial or residential air scrubbing service in QLD or VIC, we can help.

This is why Myers Asbestos runs the Air Scrubber on every inside job

The danger of asbestos lies in its fibrous morphology. The individual fibres can be so small that it can stay airborne indefinitely as long as the air continues to move. When breathed in by humans, the microscopic fibre can easily bypass the body’s defences in the airways and make their way into the furthest reaches of the lungs.

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